Community Guidelines Policies

We have set out Community Guidelines that state the type of content that isn’t allowed on Udirext. These policies apply to all types of content on our platform, including videos, comments, links, and thumbnails. Our Community Guidelines are a key part of our main polices and are regularly updated in consultation with experts and udirext contents creators to keep pace with emerging challenges.

We enforce these Community Guidelines using a combination of human reviewers and machine learning, and apply them to everyone equally—regardless of the subject or the creator’s background, political viewpoint, position, or affiliation.

Our policies aim to make Udirext channel a safer community while still giving creators the freedom to share a broad range of experiences and perspectives.

What areas do Community Guidelines cover?

You'll find a full list of our Community Guidelines below:

  • Udirext doesn’t allow anything that artificially boost the number of views, likes, comments, or other engagement indicators either by using automatic systems or serving up videos to unsuspecting viewers. Also, content that solely exists to incentivize viewers for engagement (views, likes, comments, etc) is prohibited.
  • Content intended to impersonate a person or channel is not allowed on Udirext. E.g
  • User account with the same name and image as another user
  • Using someone else's real name, user name, image, brand, logo, or other personal information to trick people into believing you are that person. 
  • Matching a user channel description to another channel.
  • Creating an account using the name and image of a person, and then pretending that person is posting content to the user channel.
  • Creating an account using the name and image of a person, and then posting comments on other user channels as if they were posted by the person.
  • User account impersonating an existing news account.
  • Links that direct users to websites featuring content that violates our Community Guidelines are not allowed on Udirext.
  • Udirext doesn’t allow spam, scams, or other deceptive practices/content where the main purpose is to trick others into leaving Udirext for another site
  • Udirext doesn’t allow content that endangers minors’ emotional and physical well-being. A minor is defined as someone under the legal age of majority -- usually anyone younger than 18 years old in most countries/regions.

If you find content that violates this policy, report it. If you believe that a child is in danger, you should get in touch with your local law enforcement to report the situation immediately.

  • Udirext doesn’t allow thumbnails and other images that violate our Community Guidelines. Images include banners, avatars, users’ posts, articles and any other Udirext feature that has images.
  • Udirext doesn’t allow posting content that containing pornography, violent, graphic, or humiliating fetishes
  • Udirext doesn’t allow posting content that promotes violent or gory, suicide, self-harm, that is intended to shock or disgust, or poses a considerable risk to viewers
  • Udirext doesn’t allow posting content that containing language that may not be appropriate for viewers under 18
  • Udirext doesn’t allow content that encourages dangerous or illegal activities that risk serious physical harm or death
  • Content intended to sell certain regulated goods and services is not allowed on U E.g Alcohol, drugs, Organs, Sex or escort services, Unlicensed medical services, Human smuggling, Nicotine etc



This policy applies to videos, video descriptions, comments, live streams, article and any other Udirext product or feature